Coating Plastic Parts

The first glance at a car has a great influence on how its quality is perceived. The decisive factor here is not only the color, but especially how clean and evenly the paint is applied. Erium helps to

Painting is a highly complex process that must meet strict quality requirements. Due to this combination, high reject rates of more than 10% are not unusual, caused by dust inclusions, paint runners, color gradients or lack of color fidelity. The coating systems themselves are complex, too: not only the properties of the coating, such as viscosity, pigmentation and age, but also machine settings, such as mixing ratios, spray pressure and the amount of applied paint have an influence on quality. Erium answers the question: Which process parameters yield the best manufacturing quality?

Car Body Assembly

The individual components of a car, especially the doors, must be perfectly positioned to meet the visual and technical demands of the customer. Optimal gap measures are crucial for an all-round perfect appearance. Erium helps to

Determining the best assembly position for a car door is difficult. At the time of installation, neither door nor body is painted. There are no windows and no accessories installed yet. All sealings are missing. The influence of all these factors on the door position due to deformation and additional weight must be anticipated and compensated to finally achieve the desired final position. Even today, the doors still must be straightened by hand after assembly. Erium answers the question: With which assembly position do you achieve the best gap and flush quality?