Companies fail to integrate AI – Erium solves this problem


AI is a major technological transformation with huge potential across all industries and sectors. 62 percent of respondents in a recent Bitkom study say that artificial intelligence offers opportunities for their own business. In general, companies see a wide range of benefits from AI, for example through the optimization of processes. 44 percent expect faster and more precise problem analyses through AI, 35 percent expect accelerated processes and 30 percent expect lower resource consumption, which would also benefit the environment. AI also offers many benefits with regard to employees, like avoiding human errors in their day-to-day work, gaining expert knowledge from AI systems that would otherwise not be available, and be able to focus on more important tasks thanks to AI support.

However, AI applications are currently only used in 8 percent of companies. Companies that are not currently involved with AI cite a lack of personnel and a lack of time as the most important reasons for this. Companies that fail to integrate it will fall behind!

Especially Industrial Companies are under pressure:

  • Global competition is high and companies need high OEE to be competitive
  • Product variety increases, product life-cycles decrease and ramp-up time becomes a big cost factor
  • Many engineering experts are close to retirement, therefore expertise is becoming increasingly rare

AI is the best solution

  • to increase OEE in complex processes
  •  to shorten ramp-up times
  • to mitigate the sparsity of experts

Erium solves this problem!

Based on our expertise from various industry projects, we create a platform that

  • enhances the data analytics capabilities across all skill levels
  • offers seamless collaboration between the various stakeholders in a data project

Thereby, we enable companies to successfully integrate data analytics into their processes and solve highly complex problems on their own.

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