HARTING Industrial Ethernet Week: Dr. Theo Steininger speaks about AI


Industrial Ethernet has powered the industrial transformation and is helping to turn the vision of IIoT and seamless sensor-to-cloud communication into reality. Reason enough to dedicate an entire week to this important topic: From February 8-10 2022 the HARTING Industrial Ethernet Week educates, inspires, and highlights solutions for driving the industrial transformation. Hear keynotes, expert talks and tech sessions with solution experts, thought leaders, IIoT pioneers, and representatives from a range of global brands.

Each day has a new spotlight topic and offers 2.5 hours of live sessions from 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Be there in full or see only selected sessions.
DAY 1 (February 8th): Spotlight on new technologies
DAY 2 (February 9th): Spotlight on devices design
DAY 3 (February 10th): Spotlight on cabling & installation

What is #artificialintelligence, how does it work und how can you make use of #AI in industrial applications?
On February 8th Dr. Theo Steininger (CEO Erium GmbH) will answer those questions for you at the HARTING #Industrial #Ethernet Week 2022. Get inspired by industrial use cases!

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