Our “On-the-Road-Team” is taking a short summer break but we’re already looking forward to EMO Hannover in September. EMO Hannover is unquestionably the leading trade fair of the sector, bringing together manufacturers and users from all countries.

Erium will be presenting the AI software solution “HALerium”. HALerium helps companies to manage the increasing complexity in their processes and regain full control. Increasing complexity in production processes leads to incorrect machine settings, high error rates, and high rework costs. But production is not the only department struggling with complex processes. Forecasting ist the starting point for all operational planning. However, companies are complaining about costly inaccuracies of up to 10%. Due to many influencing variables, forecasting is a highly complex process and inaccuracies lead to inefficient disposition processes and problems with capacity planning.

Despite overflowing data lakes, many processes don’t have enough consistent data to successfully deploy deep learning. In most cases, the biggest problem is a lack of overview, which data is needed.

Erium reduces complexity through modeling. Building a digital twin of the respective process provides transparency and allows us to virtually try out many different scenarios. Combining expert knowledge of the processes with machine learning, our AI software solution succeeds with only a minimum of data and delivers forecasts and recommendations for action in real-time.